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Prince Paleo Venison Reindeer Apples 400g wet dog food

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Wet dog food contains over 92% fresh meat

Prince Paleo Game Reindeer Apples Ginkgo Zucchini Carrots 400g

It contains over 92% fresh meat, making it rich in nutrients


✅ HUMAN GRADE meat with over 92% fresh meat

✅ No artificial dyes

✅ No artificial flavors

✅ No additives

✅ Grain-free

✅ Soy free

✅ No pork

✅ Sugar-free

The best high-meat food, up to 99% meat content

Prince Paleo is a completely meat food! No grains, no fillers!

Human-grade meat is 99% of the composition of Prince Premium Paleo food!

The natural and biologically appropriate Prince Paleo diet meets the needs of your carnivorous pet!

The new Prince Paleo line is a return to the roots, to natural dog nutrition

The highest quality meat is a single source of protein, grain-free, GMO-free!

Prince Premium Paleo is made only from the best, juicy meats, which guarantee not only the concentration of the highest quality ingredients but also exceptional aromaticity.

Prince Premiu Paleo means you can be sure to choose the best wet food for your dog!

Game combined with reindeer meat creates an exceptionally tasty and healthy combination. Perfect for dogs with allergies to other meats. It is also a valuable source of high-quality protein, iron and vitamins in the most digestible form

The content of zinc, B vitamins, including biotin, safflower oil and salmon oil - this creates a combination for strong immunity and beautiful fur

There are no random ingredients in Prince Premium Paleo, each one is carefully thought out!

No dog can resist the deliciousness and amazing aroma of Prince Paleo food!

Your dog is number one, that's why we don't compromise and leave nothing to chance!

The meat used in our food is of human quality and meets the highest possible standards. It is also accepted by EU veterinary legal standards resulting from IFS (International Foods Standard) certificates.

Prince Premium is a company with traditions, dog nutrition is our passion, that's why we put not only our knowledge but also our hearts into creating food!

Apples are rich in pectin and fiber, which regulate intestinal function and

Ginkgo supports the functioning of the circulatory system, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Zucchini deacidifies the body and has a beneficial effect on the digestion process.

Carrots contain beta-carotene, which reduces oxidative stress and thus slows down the aging process.

Prince Premium Paleo introduces your dog to the world of unique, complete nutrition that corresponds to its natural diet.

Produced in Germany.


Data sheet

The taste of food
no chicken
The consistency of the food
Minced meat
Type of food packaging
Dog size
for all dogs
large, over 25 kg
medium dogs 11-25kg
miniature up to 4 kg
small dogs 5-10 kg
Dog's age
adult dogs
older dogs (senior)
Special needs of the dog
for active dogs
for overweight dogs
for picky dogs
high meat content
no chicken
Weight of wet food
from 101 g to 200 g
from 201g to 400g
Cat special needs
no chicken


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Prince Paleo Venison Reindeer Apples 400g wet dog food

Wet dog food contains over 92% fresh meat

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