Princess Sachet 70 gr meat fillets for cats Chicken Tuna Mussels wet cat food

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Princess wet cat food with super meaty fillets.

The exceptional quality of PRINCESS PREMIUM is a guarantee of excellent food for kittens, adult and older cats - 54% fresh, natural meat, rich in nutrients to ensure the best functioning of the immune system, facilitate digestion and provide the best possible protection against everyday stress and infections. A wide selection of extremely tasty recipes meets all the unique needs of cats.

By choosing PRINCESS PREMIUM, you introduce your cat to the world of unique, complete, healthy food that corresponds to its natural diet.

Our care and understanding of cats' needs in accordance with the motto "you are what you eat" guarantees that PRINCESS foods provide nutritional diversity and balance at every stage of a cat's life.

PRINCESS PREMIUM and NATURE'S POWER foods are a concentration of the highest quality proteins combined with healthy nutrients. They have been thoroughly examined, passing a series of tests to ensure that they contain all the ingredients declared by us and that they are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

The entire range of natural, wet food provides cats with complete, balanced food at every stage of life, and their owners can enjoy the comfort of feeding with the highest quality products that have a beneficial effect on the animal's health and condition.

A lot of research and effort has gone into selecting the ingredients for our products, and information about them will help you understand their benefits for our animals.

Meat – for the highest possible nutritional value, of the same quality as meat intended for humans.

The meat we use in our food meets the highest possible standards and is accepted by EU veterinary legal standards resulting from IFS (International Foods Standard) certificates.

Natural ingredients, which include mixtures of vegetables, vitamins, herbs, plant and fruit extracts, provide rich supplementation and many benefits for the body.


Data sheet

The taste of food
The consistency of the food
Meat fillets
Over 80% meat
Type of food packaging
Weight of wet food
up to 100 g
Cat special needs
high meat content


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Princess Sachet 70 gr meat fillets for cats Chicken Tuna Mussels wet cat food

54% fresh, natural meat, rich in nutrients

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