Princess Lifestyle Chunks Fish 100 gr wet cat food

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Princess Lifestyle Chunks Tuna and Anchovies 100 gr wet food for adult cats made from fish

By choosing Princess cat products, you introduce your cat to the world of unique, complete, healthy food that corresponds to its natural diet.

The sachets contain as much as 92% of the highest quality meat.

Princess Lifestyle provides your feline friend with the high-quality protein it needs to thrive. It does not contain GMOs or artificial dyes, so you can rest assured about what you feed your pet.

New formula

New flavors

No chicken

More fish meat

Juicy pieces of tuna and anchovies in a tasty sauce


No dyes

No artificial flavors

The exceptional quality of Princess Lifestyle guarantees excellent food for adult and older cats and kittens. The formulas are adapted to the needs of cats of different ages, choose the best one for your pet.

A wide selection of extremely tasty recipes meets all the unique needs of cats. The sauce enhances the taste of the food and provides the cat with the necessary fluids.

The delicious and intense taste of fish will certainly attract even the most picky cat eaters

The convenient form of sachets makes it easier to store and serve meals to your pet and is a tasty addition to the daily diet.

The food is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.


Data sheet

The taste of food
no chicken
The consistency of the food
kawałki w sosie
Special needs of the dog
no chicken
Weight of wet food
up to 100 g
Cat special needs
no chicken


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Princess Lifestyle Chunks Fish 100 gr wet cat food

Tasty wet food for adult cats made of fish meat, 100g sachet

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