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Brit Care Puppy Milk Replacement milk for puppies 500g

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Brit puppy milk

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Brit Care Puppy Milk Replacement milk for puppies 500g

Brit Care Puppy Milk Replacement milk for puppies 500g

Brit puppy milk

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Milk for puppies, food in granules for newborn puppies and pregnant bitches

Basic product features:

✅ Food for puppies from birth to 8 weeks of age.

✅ It replaces the female dog's milk when she cannot feed the dogs.

✅ For breastfeeding bitches - stimulates lactation.

✅ Ensures optimal growth and health.

✅ Strengthens immunity - contains numerous probiotics to reduce the risk of digestive system diseases.

✅ High digestibility.

Super-Premium puppy milk Brit Care Puppy Milk is suitable for newborn puppies and pregnant or lactating bitches and dogs in recovery.

It is a complete nutritional food for newborn puppies from birth until transition to solid food

Provides a complete nutritional diet for orphaned puppies

Female dogs usually have a maternal instinct and want to feed their young themselves.

However, as a result of worms, diseases, stress, malnutrition or too early motherhood. They are unable to feed their young. Sometimes the cause also lies in too many young in one litter.

In the first period of a puppy's life, it is necessary to provide it with colostrum, i.e. colostrum! It contains all the antibodies that stimulate the immune system. Without them, the animal will not survive.

Brit Care puppy food can be used as a substitute for mother's milk, it also serves as a supplement to the meals of an exhausted female dog after heat, the casein contained in it supports lactation.

Ingredients : Skimmed milk powder, whey powder, coconut oil, sodium caseinate, dextrose, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate.

Dietary supplement in 1 kg: vitamin A, 32,000IU, vitamin D 1,600i, vitamin E 85 mg, vitamin C 52 mg, Vitamin B1 10 mg, Vitamin B6 4 mg, vitamin B2, 4 mg, vitamin K3 1 mg, nicotinamide 50 mg , calcium pantothenate, 8 mg, zinc 80 mg, iron 32 mg, copper 10 mg, manganese 8 mg, iodine 2 mg, selenium 0.1 mg


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Brit Care Puppy Milk Replacement milk for puppies 500g

Brit puppy milk

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