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Carnilove True Adult Dogs Fish 1.4kg dry dog food

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Carnilove True Adult Dogs Fish 1.4kg dry dog food

Carnilove True Adult Dogs Fish 1.4kg dry dog food

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Carnilove True Fresh Fresh Fish 1.4kg grain- and potato-free food High-quality mono-protein food with fish, chickpeas and apple for adult dogs of all breeds.


True Fresh is the most delicious version of all Carnilove foods. A characteristic feature is the high content of fresh meat with additions such as herbs, vegetables and fruit. True Fresh is distinguished primarily by its high bioavailability. Research carried out by the manufacturer has shown that replacing the existing dry food with CARNILOVE TRUE FRESH should not cause any gastric problems.

Choosing this food means providing your pet with a high-quality, tasty and, above all, nutritious meal every day!

Instead of cheap fillers such as cereals, Carnilove True Fresh foods use fruits and vegetables that provide the body with the necessary vitamins. Thanks to this, the food is also suitable for dogs prone to food allergies.

Shells of marine crustaceans and their cartilage extract are a natural source of protective substances that have a positive effect on the condition and mobility of joints, tendons and ligaments. Thanks to this, they support long-term mobility and joint flexibility.

Salmon oil is a rich source of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which support a healthy nervous system and circulation. They also contribute to improving the condition of the skin and fur.

Main ingredients

Fresh fish (60%), peas, chicken fat (preserved with tocopherols), chickpeas (4%), dried apples (4%), red lentils, pumpkin, salmon oil (3%), natural flavoring, carrots, dried egg shells, duckweed protein (0.5%), spirulina (0.3%).

Additional ingredients

Blueberries (0.1%), dried rosemary (0.1%), dried cranberries (0.1%), dried thyme (0.1%), glucosamine (0.026%), green mussel (0.025%), sulphate chondroitin (0.016%), brewer's yeast (source of mannanoligosaccharides, 0.015%), chicory root (source of fructooligosaccharides, 0.01%), Yucca Mojave (0.01%).


Data sheet

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Carnilove True Adult Dogs Fish 1.4kg dry dog food

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