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Princess Taste of Nature Duck with Sweet Patato No Grain, duck meat with sweet potatoes 2 kg

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Princess Taste of Nature Duck with Sweet Patato No Grain – food made from duck meat with sweet potatoes.

Complete dry food for adult cats, grain-free

The food is enriched with a formula that prevents the accumulation of hairballs in the digestive system. (grain-free cat food, with one source of protein)

Princess Taste of Nature dry food prepared to provide the healthiest, biologically appropriate meal for our cats.

We produce Taste of Nature cat food from the highest quality ingredients.

In Princess food, we always use high-quality meats, vegetables, fruits and herbal mixtures to provide cats with a natural meal tailored to their unique nutritional needs.

Princess Taste of Nature is a complete food for cats without GMOs and grains.

Good quality dry food affects the cat's condition and health:

✅ healthy joints, skeletal and muscular systems

✅ tasty and highly digestible, good for the digestive system

✅ anti-allergic, healthy skin and fur

✅ supports cats' immune system

✅ slows down the aging process

✅ has a good effect on the liver and reduces the smell of feces

The protein source in Princess Ultra Premium Taste of Nature cat food is a combination of fresh meat, dehydrated meat and protein hydrolyzate from turkey meat.

Hydrolysis is a process in which proteins are divided into smaller parts using water, thanks to which they are even better absorbed by the body.

We never use poor quality raw materials to produce our food.

Dehydration , or drying, is one of the oldest methods of protecting food ingredients. By getting rid of water, we preserve the meat, protecting it against the development of microorganisms that adversely affect its quality. To sum up, we select the best quality meat and dehydrate it, obtaining a concentrated source of healthy meat proteins.

Taste of Nature food does not contain semi-finished products of animal origin, the best meat ingredients from muscles and heart are used to create the food. The fat we use in our food comes from chicken, it is one of the best quality fats on the market, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. We do not use pork fat or low-quality vegetable fats.


Data sheet

The taste of food
Cat special needs
for picky cats
high meat content
indoor cats
The age of the cat
adult cats
kittens and young cats
older cats


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Princess Taste of Nature Duck with Sweet Patato No Grain, duck meat with sweet potatoes 2 kg

Grain-free hypoallergenic cat food made from high-quality meat

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