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Discount code description: Promotion of dry dog food
10% discount on all Smart Nature dog foods

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A discount code

Discount code description: Promotion for cat lovers,

additional 5% discount on litter
for My Friend cat, for purchases worth over PLN 100

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In the pet store - We love animals as much as you do!

Visit our online pet store, where passion for animals combines with professionalism! At you will not only make purchases for your pet, but also experience a unique atmosphere of love and care for animals.

Our Passion

Our team of specialists are happy to share their knowledge about animal nutrition and care. is more than a pet store - it's a community of animal lovers!

Our Experience

Over ten years of experience! Since 2007, we have been supplying the best pet products from around the world. You will find unique items not available in other stores, because we focus not only on diversity, but above all on quality.

We support Local Producers

We support local producers and factories. We are proud to be a 100% Polish company, promoting local talents.


We offer a wide range of products for dogs, cats and small mammals.

Together We Help!

As animal lovers, we support local foundations and shelters. We organize collections and donate gifts for homeless animals. You can be part of this important work with us!

Join the community - where love for animals is not just a slogan, it is our everyday reality!