Genus for dogs and cats

Food and supplements for dogs, cats and other animals

The healthiest food and treats for dogs and cats, created according to the most modern global recipes, made from the best ingredients.

We want to make sure that your pets are well-fed and healthy, providing you with products of guaranteed quality.

Product quality is the most important

The guarantee of consistently high-quality food and treats means that every cat and dog fed with our food will be in excellent condition and health.

We rely on the knowledge of an international team of veterinarians, biologists and nutritional experts who have been working with us for many years to provide the best possible food for cats and dogs.

We have everything for dogs and cats

The quality of food ingredients is the basis

Foods for cats and dogs contain the best quality protein from various types of meat, e.g. lamb, fish, duck, salmon, bison, game, chicken, turkey... and always contain high-quality fat, e.g. from fish, canola oil .

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