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Welcome to our friendly category of dog products, where you will find everything your faithful friend needs to stay healthy, happy and comfortable. Our online pet store is a place where dog lovers can find the highest quality products tailored to various needs and breeds. Whether your dog is a tiny puppy, an active sporting dog, or a mature companion dog, we are ready to meet all of his needs.

Our diverse offer includes:

Food and treats: We offer a wide selection of dry and wet food, adapted to the age, size and special needs of your dog. Additionally, our offer includes delicious treats that your dog will enjoy during training or as a reward.

Grooming accessories: We take care of your pet's healthy and shiny fur. That's why we offer brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners and other care accessories that will help keep the coat in perfect condition.

Play and training equipment: We provide a wide selection of interactive toys, balls, frisbees and other accessories that will encourage your dog to be physically and mentally active.

Accessories for walks: Our offer includes leashes, collars, harnesses, treat bags and dog excrement bags, which will make walks even more pleasant and safe.

Beds and shelters: We provide comfortable and stylish beds, cages, kennels and other shelters in which your dog will feel safe and comfortable.

Clothing and Protection: For dogs that need extra protection from the weather, we offer clothing such as jackets, raincoats and boots.

Health and treatment: In our store you will find products related to the prevention of dogs' health, such as anti-flea and anti-tick preparations and dietary supplements supporting health.

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